1-Minute Before You Die,

Your Angels Arrive!


Proof of Heaven For

Smart People Only  


Are you still “waiting” for God’s plan but have nothing? Are you frustrated as you patiently “wait” while others zoom by you? Do you secretly doubt God because you’re always stuck with no answers? Worst of all, are you scared of dying with regret and shame?

This book is for those who refuse to wait, and those who've waited their whole lives and still have nothing. The problem isn't you or God, the problem is in the greatest lie ever told – that "waiting" for God's plan, is a plan, or some holy and noble “suffering” required to get us into Heaven. No. “Waiting” rejects God’s true plan, leaving us so stuck we hate God and hate ourselves, until we die with a pain far worse than death – regret – the discovery we never lived at all.

I cursed God for 42-years “waiting” for his plan, and all I got was shame and embarrassment, debt and failure, pain and misfortune; my family dumbfounded why I prized “doing nothing” over leading them to greatness. I was, of course, blinded by the lie that “helplessness is holy”, that weakness is somehow God’s plan, and that “giving up” is good and noble. No again. 

Today I know the secret that’s provided me more success in 6-months than I had in 42-years, outgrowing my old space and finally discovering God’s plan.

The secret I discovered started with what I feared most – death – and after discovering we don’t die scared and alone, but surrounded by our Angels, my life changed forever. The secret’s so simple, it’s screaming to emerge from within. It’s the angst we feel, the pain we hide, the constant pretending that is the secret screaming to emerge. Life is a deliberate act.

As thousands face the “scariest day of their life”, where are those screaming in fear? Where are the herds of sick and dying running the streets in terror? If death is so scary, why aren’t the hospital hallways littered with at least a few brave souls attempting their escape from death’s grip? The secret starts here, that 1-minute before you die, your Angels Arrive! which begins the pattern that makes the dying say things like – “Oh Wow. Oh Wow. OH WOW!”, and “It’s beautiful over there”, and “I see it…I finally see itthank you God”! There is no panic in death because we enter a pattern in our last 1-minute, which is a reflection of how we lived – did we waste “waiting”, or did we finally discover God’s plan?

You can have doubts of this pattern, but what have doubts ever gotten you? Or you can learn the secret that will make you live 10-life’s-in-1, dying victorious instead of in shame. 

If you're one of the brave, and yes, God expects you to be brave, this book reveals -

  1. 1-Minute Before You Die, Your Angels Arrive™, the 3-stages of passing, never before told.
  2. Exactly what happens when you die – what you see, what you feel, and where you go.
  3. 4-Real Life Examples of our last 1-minute in action.
  4. God's Plan finally revealed for use today.
  5. The complete story of Ashly Albright.
  6. How to get EVERY prayer answered and live your dream life.
  7. How to stop waiting and start trusting.
  8. Proof of God both physically and scientifically

Unfortunately, decisions are required in God’s plan, and you now hold the greatest decision of all – to die knowing where you’ll go and what you’ll feel, or remain under death’s long shadow with no plan for your future, guaranteeing regret at death

This book’s short by design, only 5-chapters meant to be read quickly and often, because the facts are so obvious and easy to use, no one should waste any more time “waiting” when God’s plan is here. 

Good luck to you, and no matter what you choose, I promise you this – God is real, God has a plan, and you have every opportunity to live the life you want, but dear child, STOP WAITING and start living.


Jon Palmer

P.S. – Readers get results –

“It took a book about death to finally live life. Thank you Jon!”

“Outstanding and to the point. I read it in 1-day and have 60-days of success.”

“I’m 62-years old, and finally traveled to Europe and Hawaii this year. I’ve gained more from this book than ever before. My family thanked me too…I’m a new person!”

“I lived a lie for 59-years, but now I’m free. Thank you Jon!”

The Secret To God's Plan


"Inside Every Old Person Is A Young Person Wondering What The Hell Happened." Stop Waiting!

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